Academics and Registration

Sessional Dates

Registration and sessional dates are officially set by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).  These can be viewed here.  It is a students' responsibility to be aware of their requirements.  The Daniels Faculty sets their sessional dates within the parameters of the official dates posted by SGS. Please note that course add/drop dates are not the same as the fee refund schedule. Deadlines for fee payment, fee refund schedules and other financial dates are posted on the Student Accounts website.

NEW The Daniels Faculty sessional dates now include Daniels Faculty elective course enrolment start dates. For more information on elective enrolment, please see the Course Enrolment section below on this page.

Academic Timetables

2016-17 Graduate Academic Timetable

The Academic Timetable below provides course meeting information (day, time, location) for the 2016-17 Fall/Winter session. Generally, Daniels Faculty graduate students are automatically enrolled in their required courses. The Academic Timetable includes all graduate Architecture [ARC], Landscape Architecture [LAN], Urban Design [URD], and Visual Studies courses [VIS].

For elective, option studio, and research studio course descriptions, please see the Courses page. Descriptions are added as they become available.

UPDATED 2016-17 Fall/Winter Graduate Academic Timetable

[Updated: January 17, 2017]

For other graduate department offerings, please review their respective website(s).

Course Enrolment

Daniels Faculty graduate students will automatically be enrolled in all of their core courses with the exception of option studios, research studios, and electives; it is you responsibility to ensure you are in the right courses each semester by reviewing your courses on the Student Web Service (ACORN).

When a request is submitted, the Daniels Faculty will assess courses obtained at a post-secondary institution where a degree program has been completed for potential course exemptions. If you believe you may be eligible to receive exemption, you must apply for the relevant one(s) by Tuesday, August 9, 2016. Further details are available here.

Degree Requirements