Call for submission: Think Space Culture & Society Competition

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Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 12:15pm

How are cities and citizens adapting to new economic models and reacting to the constant changes we’re living through?

Think Space is hosting a competition titled, Money, that deals with society by transforming the notion of collectivity and connectivity, among other issues. The relationship between money and society is strong, and clearly it also has implications on education and on the way we exchange knowledge. The emergence of new education tools as MOOCs, on-line courses, etc. allow free access to education in order to produce so-called “better societies”, but what do we have when these new ways of learning and exchanging are also part of a bigger monopoly? Are we repeating the same old models with new names?

The competition asks for conceptual strategies and architectural expressions that may represent a new space for cultural exchange that can be built without money. Proposals are to be design-based and conceived for a location chosen by participants. Proposals must devise innovative financing models supporting the conception and construction of programs that, while based on prototypes of the urban market – from flea markets to produce exchange sites, from specialized bazaars to hacker’s forums –, can also be understood as promoters of cultural exchange.

Professionals and students in architecture and related fields are eligible to participate in Think Space 2013|2014 Money. They are promoting and welcoming interdisciplinary approach and whoever feels capable of submitting the entry that complies with the competition requirements is eligible to apply.

1st award | 1.000 EUR
2nd award | 700 EUR
3rd award | 350 EUR
Awarded authors will be published via Media Partners of THINK SPACE | Money cycle - ArchDaily, Arqa, Competitiononline, Quaderns & Volume and invited to present their work at the final gathering of the Cycle - Third Think Space Unconference in June 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Submission Deadline is 31 January 2014.

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