Honours Bachelor of Arts, Architectural Studies

Architecture is both a profession and a discipline of study, relating to a broad spectrum of career opportunities. As a profession it plays a pivotal role in the production of the built environment, bridging the technical and social, practical and theoretical. It is a cultural and artistic practice that is critically engaged with the forces of urbanization and technological change, the challenges of environmental sustainability, and the struggle for cultural expression. It involves the design, production, and organization of material culture from the scale of domestic objects to the scale of the metropolitan region. As such, studies in architecture interact with numerous related disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, as well as engineering, technology, and media. These studies may lead to professional graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, planning and urban design, as well as careers in related design disciplines, the arts, history, business, journalism, and public policy.

Honours Bachelor of Arts, Architectural Studies: Four Specialist streams in architectural studies are offered by the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Science. The architectural studies programs provide degree options for students wishing to study architecture as part of a liberal arts education. The programs serve as an introduction to the discipline of architecture, focusing on the state of the art, current issues and emerging practices, all considered from critical, theoretical and historical perspectives. Studio courses in design and visual communications provide opportunities to learn practical, formal and analytical skills, and are augmented by advanced courses in allied design arts, such as landscape, furniture, graphic, and stage design.