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Graduate students should follow the requirements listed for their degree in the SGS calendar for the year they began their program. All masters programs are cohort based and therefore students should be aware of when required courses are offered. The degree diagrams along with the yearly Academic Timetable, available under Academics and Registration, may help you to visually understand your requirements. Important information on option/research studio selection can be found under Studio Balloting on the left navigation panel.

Selecting Your Electives

In order to determine which elective courses you would like to take, review the elective course descriptions as they become available below. Make note of a few options more than you are able to take as alternatives in case your first choice(s) become(s) full. The descriptions will include any pre-requisites the course may have.

Independent Study courses are offered as an opportunity for you if you wish to pursue an academically challenging project or topic that is currently not covered in the curriculum. Independent Study courses are not required and are not automatically granted. You may pursue an Independent Study only if you have a well-developed proposal, high academic standing, and the approval from your advisor and the program director. Independent Study courses are not a means to apply for financial aid or to ‘lighten’ your course load for an upcoming term.

Please click here for the Independent Study form.

2016-17 Independent Study Proposal Submission Deadlines:

The deadline to submit requests to enrol in an independent study for the Fall 2016 academic session is Wednesday, August 31, 2016. 

The deadline to submit requests to enrol in an independent study for the Winter 2017 academic session is Monday, December 12, 2016.  

Please note that all requests must be submitted for approval to the Office of the Registrar and Student Services and are not guaranteed.


For electives in the Master of Visual Studies program, please complete the Add/Drop form available on the School of Graduate Studies website ( and contact Charles Stankievech, MVS Program Director to obtain approval. If approved, submit the signed Add/Drop form to the Office of the Registrar and Student Services.

To request enrolment in electives offered by other departments you must obtain the instructor's signature and the host department coordinator/administrator's signature before submitting the request form to the Office of the Registrar and Student Services or for final approval. It is important that the form be completed correctly. To ensure your form can be processed, you must also provide the Daniels Faculty with contact information for the host department administrator in order to confirm your approval. Please note that other department enrolment dates will differ from that of the Daniels Faculty and it is your responsibility to be aware of these dates and contact the departments as appropriate.

For more information on elective course enrolment and the new online enrolment process, please see the Academics and Registration page.

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