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Diversity & Equity

The Daniels Faculty stands in solidarity with all people seeking a just society without racial, ethnic, or sexual discrimination. As we work to improve our school's diversity and our responsiveness to the needs of students and faculty who have faced systemic racism, we will continue updating this page with related news and resources. The Diversity and Equity Committee has formed a group to assemble resources and reading lists. In the interim, please note the University of Toronto’s resources below.


University of Toronto’s diversity and anti-racism resources

The University of Toronto provides a number of resources for community members looking for ways to combat — or heal from — the effects of discrimination and violence. Here are some of them.

The Daniels Faculty's Diversity and Equity Committee

The Diversity and Equity Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty. The Faculty’s bylaws charge it with the following responsibilities:

  • Recommending diversity and equity principles and goals for the Faculty to our governing body, Faculty Council.

  • Advising other standing committees about how to make sure the Faculty’s practices reflect its diversity and equity principles and goals.

  • Advising and making recommendations about increasing diversity to the dean, who has authority over personnel matters.

  • Reporting to Faculty Council about its deliberations, recommendations, and decisions.

The current chair of the committee is associate professor Jane Wolff.

Daniels 2018 Curriculum Study
Daniels 2020 D&E in Comparable Schools Study

Our Statements

The University of Toronto, the Daniels Faculty, and the Daniels Faculty's student unions have released statements of solidarity with anti-racism protesters. Read them by following the links below:

University of Toronto statement of solidarity

Daniels Faculty statement of solidarity

AVSSU statement of solidarity

GALDSU statement of solidarity

Dean Richard Sommer and Interim Dean Robert Wright co-authored a letter outlining the Daniels Faculty's first steps in combatting systemic anti-Black racism:

Addressing anti-Black racism in our community


If you'd like to know more about the Daniels Faculty's efforts to foster diversity and inclusion, or if you're a student or faculty member who would like to get involved in those efforts, email for more information.

Committee Meeting Minutes