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Presentation by Mark Aubin, Google Earth Co-Founder

Fri, Oct 23/09 – 12:30pm

12:30 PM | Room 106

Mark Aubin, Co-Founder, Google Earth will make a presentation titled “Origins of Google Earth". This will include a brief history of how it all started with some highlights from the most recent release. He will present some aspects of GE as a tool used in architecture and related design professions.


About Mark Aubin

Mark joined Google in late 2004, when his company, Keyhole Inc., was acquired by Google, which led to the release of Google Earth. As a Keyhole co-founder and now a software developer on the Google Earth team, Mark serves as a spokesperson for Google Earth, communicating with customers around the world. Prior to founding Keyhole, Mark worked at Silicon Graphics, where he was an applications engineer specializing in geospatial imaging. It was here that he participated in the development of the legendary "Space-To-Your-Face" project in which people could zoom from outer space to street level views of our planet. While showing this demo, Mark became convinced of the potential for a digital globe product for the masses.

(This presentation is part of ARC3041 course lecture series by Professor Nadia Amoroso).