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Engineering Perspectives Lectures Series | Lecture I

Fri, Nov 26/10 – 1:30pm

The Civil Engineering Graduate Student Association presents the  first in a series of lectures on innovation, issues and perspectives within Civil Engineering. Neb Erakovic, Halcrow Yolles will give a talk entitled Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Structural Engineering Perspective on Friday, November 26 at 3:30 to 5:00 PM.

Mr. Erakovic is a Principal at Halcrow Yolles, a leading structural consulting firm and is the Principal in charge of the design of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This unique structure is described as "a symbolic apparition of ice, clouds and stone set in a field of sweet grass". It is essentially a series of shapes and forms, making it more sculpture than building and presenting many unique engineering challenges along the way.  In this highly anticipated lecture, Mr. Erakovic will provide an overview of the architectural design of the building as well as a walk through the structural engineering challenges associated with its construction.