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SCAPEGOAT Fundraiser Party - Saturday 23 April

Sat, Apr 23/11 – 10:00pm

SCAPEGOAT presents:


A FUNDRAISER + DANCE PARTY as we celebrate two historic events – the 200 year anniversary of the 1811 Commissioners Plan for New York, which laid out the grid for Manhattan, and the 100 year anniversary of the 1911 Triangle Shirt Waist Factory fire, which remains a decisive event in ongoing struggles for labour rights. 


Drawings by Adam Bobbette & Jonathan Wong Sin Wai

Dance performance by Marcin Kedzior


DJs Marcus Boon & Luis Jacob


Double Double Land

209 Augusta

Kensington Market,


10pm to Late

$5 at the door

SCAPEGOAT architecture/landscape/political economy is a new biannual journal designed to stimulate trans-disciplinary inquiry and discussion. Historically, the scapegoat was a figure of transgression that carried the burden of the city and its sins. Walking in exile, the scapegoat was freed from the confines of the city. At present, with little land left unmapped, and with processes of urbanization central to political economic struggles, SCAPEGOAT moves within and against the reality of global capital. Its burden is also the freedom to see from new angles and uninhabited positions.

SCAPEGOAT's Editorial Board involves Adrian Blackwell and Etienne Turpin, and Adam Bobbette (MLA, 2011) from the Daniels Faculty, as well as recent graduates: Jane Hutton MLA, and Marcin Kedzior MArch. The event involves drawings by Adam Bobbette (MLA 2011) and Jonathan Wong Sin Wai (MArch 2011).

See poster [PDF].

See the SCAPEGOAT website.