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Stefano Pujatti, Beniamino Servino: Form Matters

Sat, Nov 21/15 – 11:00am

Exhibition opening
Friday, November 20, 2015 | 6:30pm
Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto, 496 Huron Street

Talk with Guest Architects
Saturday, November 21 | 11:00am
Daniels Faculty, 230 College Street

Curated by Daniels faculty postdoctoral fellow Roberto Damiani

The Istituto Italiano di Cultura is pleased to present the exhibition Stefano Pujatti, Beniamino Servino: Form Matters, the first exhibition of the new series Italy Under Construction. Through the work of the two Italian architects, the exhibition explores the building's role as a cultural and artistic artifact, against two contemporary popular trends: the performative and the minimal. The first one puts emphasis on the techical aspects of the building — for example energy — while the second trend retreats from expressing specificity and rhetoric.

Stefano Pujatti (Elasticospa+3, Turin) and Beniamino Servino (Caserta) share an understanding of architecture as an artistic practic linking design and local culture. This notion of practice focuses on building's role as both a space maker and means of communication. Whereas the articulation of architectural form in Stefano Pujatti's buildings suggests a work in progress, reflecting the dialogue between the designer's ambitions, client's dreams, and local conditions, Beniamino Servino's architecture focuses on exploring the potential monumentalism hidden in the ordinariness of the abandoned urban landscape of Caserta, his hometown.

By drawing new forms and techniques from as found architectural elements and materials, their work discloses the marvelous within the ordinary, and suggests how small scale interventions can improve the space of everyday life.

Stefano Pujatti and Beniamino Servino worked together to envision a room. In between the intimate atmosphere of a studiolo and the surprise of entering in a wunderkammer, visitors will experience a fictional Italian landscape assembled from the architects built and unbuilt work.