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Daniels Faculty Reviews Fall 2016

Tue, Dec 6/16 – 9:00am to Fri, Dec 16/16 – 6:00pm

Daniels Faculty | 230 College Street


Alumni, design professionals, and members of the public are welcome to join us for final reviews. Daniels Faculty graduate students in architecture, landscape, and urban design will present their final projects to their instructors, as well as guest critics from the professional community and local and international academic institutions. The student presentations are part of their final exam requirements and they will be graded on their work.

If you are an alumnus or alumna planning to attend reviews, we would like to welcome you personally. Alumni are encouraged to email John Cowling at

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All reviews take place from 9 AM to 6 PM (unless otherwise stated).

Tuesday, December 6: LAN1011

LAN1011: Design Studio I

Location: Room 066

Guest critics:

Morning session:

Pete North, Daniels Faculty and North Design Office
Marc Ryan, Public Work
Elise Shelley, Daniels Faculty and Shelley Roche Studio
Netami Stuart, Waterfront Toronto

Afternoon session:

Pina Mallozzi, Waterfront Toronto
Jay Pooley, Daniels Faculty and Jay Pooley Production & Experience
Elise Shelley, Daniels Faculty and Shelley Roche Studio
Jane Wolff, Daniels Faculty

Wednesday, December 7: ARC1011

ARC1011: Design Studio I

Location: Room 066, Room 106, Larry Wayne Richards Gallery & Eric Arthur Gallery

Instructors: Robert Levit (coordinator), Aziza Chaouni, Brady Peters, James Macgillivray, Nima Javidi, Vivian Lee

In this course, students were asked to turn abstract design questions into architectural environments. Students were introduced to the interaction between primary structural principals and form.

Guest critics:

Joel Lamere, MIT
Zeynep Çelik Alexander, Daniels Faculty
Michael Piper, Daniels Faculty
Lisa Rapoport, PLANT and Daniels Faculty
Christian Bellini, Blackwell
Adrian Phiffer, Daniels Faculty
Peter Sampson, PSA, University of Manitoba
Mauricio Quirós Pacheco, Daniels Faculty
Howard Davies, McGill, Atelier Big City
Pina Petricone, Daniels Faculty
Dean Richard Sommer, Daniels Faculty
John Harwood, Daniels Faculty
Barry Sampson, Daniels Faculty

Thursday, December 8 and Friday, December 9: Superstudio

Superstudio: ARC2013, LAN2013 & URD1011

Location: Room 066 & Eric Arthur Gallery

Instructors: Dean Richard Sommer, Mauricio Quiros Pacheco, Francesco Martire, Michael Piper, Lisa Rapoport, Mark Sterling, Zahra Awang, Adrian Phiffer, Jonathan Cummings, Dina Sarhane, Rob Wright

Guest critics (Thursday):

Dan Adams, Northeastern University
Heather Rolleston, architectsAlliance
James Goad, Cityscape
Michael Moxam, Stantec
Pina Petricone, Daniels Faculty
Robert Ng, NAK Design Strategies
Scott Torrance, FORREC Ltd
Alfredo Landaeta, AL Urban Design
Beatrice Taylor, Fox Whyte
Brigitte Shim, Daniels Faculty
Ivan Rupnik, Northeastern University
James Macgillivray, Daniels Faculty
Omar Gandhi, Omar Gandhi Architect Inc.
Sven Lavado, Tremco
Alan Saskin, Urbancorp
Amy Whitesides, Stoss
Chris Pommer, PLANT
Drew Adams, LGA Architectural Partners
Oliver Laumeyer, architectsAlliance
Roberto Damiani, Daniels Faculty
Vivian Lee, Daniels Faculty
Jane Wolff, Daniels Faculty
Deanna Brown, Stantec
Alissa North, Daniels Faculty
Peter Clewes, architectsAlliance
Tom Dutton, Daniels Corp.

Guest critics (Friday):

Andrew Frontini
David Pontarini
Nicola Casciato
Roberto Damiani
Alissa North
Brigitte Shim
James Macgillivrary
Laura Miller
Pina Petricone
Amy Whitesides
Dan Adams
Ivan Rupnik
John van Nostrand
Alan Saskin

Saturday, December 10: Undergraduate Reviews

Undergraduate Reviews - visit event page.

Monday, December 12: LAN3016, URD2013 and ARC3015

Location: Eric Arthur Gallery
Instructor: Alissa North

Guest critics:
Sean Burkholder
Brad Cantrell
Justine Holzman

URD2013: Urban Particularities 
Location: Room 066
Instructors: Meg Graham and Kevin Weiss

Through an engagement of a performance-based approach to architecture and zoning, site specific research and design, the studio will seek to establish new precedents of architecture and city-building on these sites.

Guest critics:
Cal Brook
Sarah Phipps
Pat Hanson
Craig Babe
Stefano Pujatti
Elsa Lam
Mark Sterling
Shelia Penny
Rodolphe el-Khoury

Location: Larry Wayne Richards Gallery and Room 106
Instructor: Stephen Verderber

Guest critics:
Barbara Miszkiel
Aziza Chouoni
Victoria Taylor
Roberto Damiani
Mason White 
Terri Peters
Jane Wolff

Tuesday, December 13: LAN3016 and ARC3016

LAN3016: Art Site Urbanism
Location: Larry Wayne Richards Gallery and Room 106
Instructor: Victoria Taylor

This studio seeks to build a critical understanding and familiarity with the contemporary discourse around public art and its integration into public space design in order to develop new insights into how to more effectively work toward the goal of creating cultural vibrant and livable cities.

Guest critics:
Alissa North
Justine Holtzman
Gregory Peckman
Netami Stuart
Alex Bozikovic
Alexandra Perdomo

ARC 3016
Location: Eric Arthur Gallery
Instructors: Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee

Guest critics:
Rodolphe el-Khoury

ARC 3016
Location: Room 066
Instructor: Mason White

Guest critics:
Chris Clarke
Janna Levitt
Shelagh McCartney
Jonathan Enns
Vivian Lee
Barry Sampson 
Brigitte Shim

Wednesday, December 14 and Thursday, December 15: Thesis Reviews

Wednesday, December 14

Advisors: George Baird and Robert Levit
Location: Eric Arthur Gallery

Advisor: An Te Liu
Location: Larry Wayne Richards Gallery and Room 106

Advisor: Mark Sterling
Location: Room 066 South

Advisor: Jonathan Enns
Location: Room 066 North (9 AM -1 PM)

Advisor: Barry Sampson
Location: Room 066 North (2 PM - 6 PM)

Thursday, December 15

Advisor: Michael Piper
Location: Eric Arthur Gallery

Advisor: John Shnier
Location: Larry Wayne Richards Gallery and Room 106

Advisor: Shane Williamson
Location: Room 066 South

Advisor: Jonathan Enns
Location: Room 066 North (9 AM -1 PM)

Advisor: Barry Sampson
Location: Room 066 North (2 PM - 6 PM)

Friday, December 16: ARC 1021, URD 1021 and LAN2037

9 AM - 12 PM

Location: Room 066

Location: Room 106

Location: Eric Arthur Gallery

Monday, December 19: ARC3701

Location: Larry Wayne Richards Gallery and Room 10