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Forests of Temagami: An Atlas of Old and New Growth

Tue, Apr 10/18 – 2:00pm to Sun, Apr 15/18 – 5:00pm

Narwhal Contemporary Gallery, 2104 Dundas St. West, Toronto

Exhibition Review: Tuesday, April 10, 2:00 - 6:00pm
Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 10, 6:00 - 7:00pm

The trees of Temagami comprise some of eastern North America’s last truly old growth forests. Intact Forest Landscapes play significant roles in the global biosphere, including carbon sequestration, supporting biodiversity and biomass, and the provision of renewable resources. Indeed, these forests enable our continued existence.

Forests of Temagami: An Atlas of Old and New Growth is an exhibition of research by University of Toronto’s Master of Landscape Architecture students who produced a cohesive set of detailed maps relaying various layers of the cultural and environmental relationships that have occurred over-time. The students visited old growth forest stands to not only conduct field research, but to experience and bear witness to the awe-inspiring nature of this ecologically important area of Ontario.

The forests of Temagami are primarily fragmented from the logging industry, and despite current protections remain vulnerable to anthropogenic activities. In the context of climate change, forests must be expansive and connected to adapt to swiftly changing conditions. The extent of variously protected forests, classifications, and histories can be difficult to comprehend as text, or through often disparate and institutionally dependent maps. Presented visually, this work aims to bring coherence and cognizance to a broad public in hopes of continuing to incite the importance of Canada’s remaining forests.

Student participants:

Negar Aghebati
Kathleen Alexander
Cornel Campbell
Camila Campos Herrera
Cynthia Chiu Chen
Waiyee Chou
Hadi El-Shayeb
Zahra Eslami
Harmandeep Gill
Kaleigh Gillis
Aaron Hernandez
Hakima Hoseini
Adeline Yingqian Hu
Pablo Gustavo Jimenez
Thevishka Kanishkan
Sima Khosravi Fard
Andrea Lam
Huikang Li
Ruoyu Li
Yuxin Liu
Reesha Morar
Angela Moreno
Neda Nassiri Toosi
Neil Phillips
Peter (Jamie) Reford
Devin Tepleski
Irene Wong
Peggy Wong
Siteng Xu
Nancy Mengyi Zhang
Gloria Shujie Zhang
Dan Zhao