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Scapegoat: Architecture, Landscape, Political Economy

Wed, Jan 23/19 – 10:30am to 11:30am

Main Hall (DA170)

Discussion with Matthew Allen and Marcin Kedzior of Issue 11, on LIFE

Journal CoverIn what ways are objects alive? How do the disciplines of art, architecture, and urbanism change when the problematic of life is placed at their core? How does the philosophical shift from essence to relations—from form to forces—deform or expand these disciplines? How do creative practices reinforce the divisions between the individual and the multiplicity, repetition and difference, the inanimate and the animate, the human and the natural, death and life? This discussion will explore the various ways artists, architects and urbanists evoke the idea of life in their work, but also the way these ideas become co-opted to intensify state or corporate control. Please join Matthew Allen and Marcin Kedzior for a discussion on Jan. 23rd. 
It will change your life!