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Midday Talk: UNStudio - Gerard Loozekoot & Harlen Miller

Thu, Feb 28/19 – 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Main Hall, 1 Spadina

The Relevance and Resilience of (super) High Rise Architecture

with Gerard Loozekoot (Partner / Senior Architect) and Harlen Miller (Architect / Associate), UNStudio

Gerard Loozekoot received his Master of Architecture from TU Delft, after which he joined UNStudio in 2000. Alongside two other partners, Gerard has been part of UNStudio’s management team since 2008. Gerard has extensive experience and interest in complex design processes with a focus on typological innovation. As a UNStudio Partner and Senior Architect, Gerard is actively involved in all phases of the design and construction process.


Harlen Miller is an Architect and Associate who joined UNStudio in 2012 after moving to the Netherlands from Los Angeles. He currently stands as the Coordinator of the Computational Knowledge Platform which assists office-wide in numerous projects of varying scale and complexity. As a lead designer, his work is integral to developing strategies and tools for rationalizing buildings and facade systems through computational and parametric modelling.