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Midday Talk: Jason Long

Wed, Apr 3/19 – 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Main Hall, 1 Spadina

Jason Long is a partner at OMA, based out of the New York Office. Since joining the firm in 2003, Jason has been involved in OMA’s architecture and urbanism practice and its think tank, AMO. He has brought a research-driven, interdisciplinary approach to a wide range of OMA’s projects internationally. From concept design to completion, Jason served as the project manager for a new national museum in Quebec City and the Faena Forum, a multi-purpose venue in Miami. Jason leads the office’s portfolio in Washington DC, which currently includes numerous urban planning projects that provide an innovative approach to recreation, public health and equitable development: the 11th Street Bridge Park, an elevated public park; a sport and recreation masterplan for the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus; and the revitalization of the streetscape around the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. He is also developing new approaches to public space in California with a mixed-used development in Santa Monica and a new programmed park for Downtown Los Angeles. Currently, he is also overseeing the construction of a high-rise tower in San Francisco’s Transbay district. Read More...