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Daniels Faculty Reviews Winter 2019 (April 8-18)

Mon, Apr 8/19 – 9:00am to Thu, Apr 18/19 – 6:00pm

Daniels Building, 1 Spadina Crescent 

Alumni, future students, and members of the public are welcome to join us for final reviews. Daniels Faculty students in architecture, landscape, and urban design will present their final projects to their instructors, as well as guest critics from the professional community and local and international academic institutions. The student presentations are part of their final exam requirements and they will be graded on their work.

If you are an alumnus or alumna planning to attend reviews, we would like to welcome you personally. Alumni are encouraged to email Jacqueline Raaflaab if planning to attend.

Follow UofTDaniels on Twitter and Instagram and join the conversation using the hashtag #DanielsReviews.

All reviews take place from 9 AM to 6 PM (unless otherwise stated). Please note that the times and dates of the review schedule may change.

Monday, April 8 | Graduate

Design Studio 2
Instructors: Shane Williamson (Coordinator), Dina Sarhane, Adrian Phiffer, Behnaz Assadi, James Macgillivray, Tei Carpenter.
Room: 209, 215, 230, 240, 242, 1st fl. hallway, 2nd fl. Hallway
Design Studio 2
Instructors: Liat Margolis (Coordinator), Elise Shelley.
Room: 330, Larry Wayne Richards Gallery

Tuesday, April 9 | Graduate

Design Studio 4
Instructors: Pina Petricone (Coordinator), Aleris Rodgers, Francesco Martire, Maria Denegri, Samuel Dufaux, Steven Fong, Petros Babasikas.
Room: 209, 215, 230, 242, Larry Wayne Richards Gallery

Design Studio 4
Instructors: Alissa North (Coordinator), Justine Holzman, Emilia Hurd.
Room: 330

Urban Design Studio Options
Instructor: Kim Storey
Room: 240

Wednesday, April 10 | Graduate

Visual Communication 2
Instructor: Fadi Masoud
Room: 330, Larry Wayne Richards Gallery

Wednesday, April 10 | Undergraduate

Design Studio I: How to Design Almost Anything
Instructors: Jay Pooley (Coordinator), Chloe Town, Alex Josephson, Peter Sealy, Jennifer Kudlats, Michaela MacLeod, Luke Duross, Marcin Kedzior, Jennifer Davis, Danielle Whitley, Margaret Krawecka, Scott Sorli.
Room: 200, 230

Thursday, April 11 | Undergraduate

Visual Strategies
Instructors: Kristie MacDonald (Coordinator), Catherine Heard, Miles Rufelds, Dana Prieto, Saharsadat Rezazadehtehrani, Mehr Naz Rohbakhsh, Jean-Paul Kelly, Morris Lum, June Pak, Laurie Kang, Abdi Osman.
Room: 200

Drawing and Representation II
Instructors: Victor Perez-Amado (Coordinator), Roberto Damiani, Nicolas Barrette, Nathan Bishop, Tom Ngo, Anne Ma, Rikki Papa, Nuria Montblanch.
Room: 209, 215, 230, 240, 242, 330, 1st fl. hallway, Larry Wayne Richards Gallery.

Design Studio II: How to Design Almost Nothing
Instructors: Fiona Lim Tung (Coordinator), Petros Babasikas, Yvonne Popovska, Brian O’Brian, Maria Denegri, Julia Di Castri, Anne-Marie Armstrong, Mauricio Quiros, Pacheco.
Room: 240, 242, 330, 2nd fl. Hallway

Friday, April 12 | Undergraduate

Architecture Studio III
Instructor: Adrian Phiffer
Room: 215

Architecture Studio IV
Instructors: Victor Perez-Amado, Jon Cummings
Room: 230, 1st fl. Hallway

Landscape Architecture Studio III
Instructor: Jane Wolff
Room: 330

Technology Studio IV
Instructors: Tom Bessai (Coordinator), Nicholas Hoban.
Room: Larry Wayne Richards Gallery

Monday, April 15 | Graduate

Design Studio 6: Research Studios

Object > < Edifice   
Instructor: An Te Liu
Room: Larry Wayne Richards Gallery

Instructor: Brian Boigon
Room: 230

Instructor: Jeannie Kim
Room: 330

If Robots Are The Answer, What Is The Question?
Instructor: Brady Peters
Room: 209

Habitus, Berytus, Detritus
Instructor: Carol Moukheiber
Room: 240

Tuesday, April 16 | Graduate

Design Studio 6: Research Studios

Ghost Acres: The New Ruralism
Instructor: Mason White
Room: 330

Six Stories
Instructor: Vivian Lee
Room: 2nd fl. hallway

House for Piranesi: Drawing as Thesis
Instructor: John Shnier

Room: 1st fl. hallway
Architecture + Health
Instructor: Stephen Verderber
Room: 230

Homegrown: Domestic Arrangements
Instructor: Mauricio Quiros Pacheco
Room: 215

Wednesday, April 17 | Graduate

Design Studio: Thesis
Room: 230, 330

Urban Design: Thesis
Room: 215, 240

Thursday, April 18 | Graduate

Design Studio: Thesis
Room: 230, 330

Architecture Design Studio 7: Thesis
Room: 209, 215, 240, 242, 1st fl. hallway, 2nd fl. hallway, Larry Wayne Richards Gallery