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Daniels Faculty Summer Camp Virtual Open House

Thu, May 28/20 – 12:00am

Facebook Live

The Daniels Faculty's summer camps are taking place online this year, rather than in person. And our annual camp open house is moving online, as well: anyone interested in learning more about our fun summer programming for children and teens can join us on Facebook Live for live Q&As with camp instructors and staff.

All open houses will take place on Thursday, May 28. Links to the livestreams will be posted on our Facebook event page.

Open house schedule:

Daniels Bootcamp (for late high school students and undergraduates):

  • Thursday May 28th, 7 a.m. - Open house with Daniels Faculty associate professor Jeannie Kim
  • Thursday May 28th, 4 p.m. - Open house with camp instructor Taylor Gould

Digital Design Camp (for ages 12 to 14):

  • Thursday May 28th, 5 p.m. - Open house with camp instructor Laura Fox

Daniels Minecraft Camp (for ages 8 to 14)

  • Thursday May 28th, 3 p.m. - Open house with members of U of T eSports

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