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Book Launch: Bracket [Takes Action]

Tue, Aug 4/20 – 7:00pm

To be held on Zoom

This event is a book launch for Bracket [Takes Action], a volume of essays and design projects organized into six sub-themes: ReAction, CounterAction, InterAction, FAction, InAction, and RetroAction. The event will feature a discussion with Bracket [Takes Action] editorial board members:

Belinda Tato (ecosistema urbano)
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow) conversation with editors Mason White (Daniels Faculty) and Neeraj Bhatia (California College of the Arts)

The discussion will take place on Zoom. Log in by clicking here.

(Co-sponsored by the Daniels Faculty and the California College of the Arts.)

About Bracket [Takes Action]:

The rise of several divisive leaders within contemporary politics has brought action to the foreground. As a new generation makes their voices heard, they are grappling to find effective platforms for action through design. This is particularly important to consider at a moment when governments and corporations appear more resistant to voices on the ground. At the same time, within an increasingly pluralistic society, what we collectively value is increasingly unclear. Bracket [Takes Action] is situated at a critical point in history where the who, what, where, and how of action need to be re-conceptualized to relate to who we are, how we live, and how we communicate today. The role of design and the agency of the designer are at stake in facilitating or stifling action.

Our contention in this collection of texts and projects is that a democracy in deficit cannot be repaired without a deeper investigation of how actions can be designed, accommodated for, and encouraged. Equally, this is our call to action — it is time for design to take greater accountability for its actions in our contemporary socio-political spheres. Bracket [Takes Action] provokes spatial practice’s potential to incite and respond to action.

The editorial board for Bracket [Takes Action] includes: Pier Vittorio Aureli, Vishaan Chakrabarti, Belinda Tato, and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto.

Bracket 4 [Takes Action] can be purchased at 30 per cent off from the publisher here.