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moss covered rock

"Butterbones…stepping into the soft" with Angela Schubot

Mon, Oct 26/20 – 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Main Hall
1 Spadina Ave

This shared time will connect us to the autonomous movements and forces inside and outside our bodies, which move us, breathe us, dance us, think us, dream us. Creating a space of true listening before clobbering what is there with our principals and desires.

Angela Schubot (Berlin), choreographer, dancer, researcher and bodyworker/healer, works since 2009 with Jared Gradinger, creating works on the debordering of the body and plant consciousness. She develops solo works and methods of "Radical Softness" and "Flow Work" and is certified practitioner of perceptive pedagogy and fascia therapy/Method Danis Bois. Since 2012 her artistic practice has been researching and developing methods and possibilities to acknowledge non-human principles and beings and to interact with them. These practices include plant diets and plant triturations as part of her long term research "Mossbelly" in collaboration with Shelley Etkin.

Note: In keeping with health and safety protocols, this is a closed workshop for MVS students.