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Science Rendezvous May 8, 2021

Daniels Faculty Presents @ Science Rendezvous!

Sat, May 8/21 – 10:00am to 2:00pm

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Science Rendezvous is a free, annual, all-day festival that brings science out of the lab and onto the street with the ultimate goal of improving student enrolment as well as public involvement in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) - and this year, they're going virtual! The Daniels Faculty is one of 30 University of Toronto departments and local organizations in the community who are involved in exhibiting engaging and hands-on experiments that inspire youth and adults alike. 

Check out our Daniels Faculty Presents scheduled activities here: 

10:00AM - Opening Remarks 

10:10AM – Daniels Minecraft Camp 
Daniels Minecraft Camp uses the powerful tool of Minecraft to explore design potentials. Join us for this demonstration of the software and green building design. Participants will learn about sustainable building materials and how to integrate and use nature through guided instruction then will be shown how to design unique, green architecture in Minecraft. 

11:10AM – Daniels Digital Design Camp 
Platonic solids were used by the philosopher Plato and Astronomer Kepler to describe the basic building blocks of our world and universe. Join us for a talk and demonstration on how to use these building blocks to design an outdoor structure that provides shade on a sunny day. All demonstrations will use free software you can explore on your own. 

12:00PM – Break 

12:10PM - Daniels Design Bootcamp 
Participants will learn fundamental concepts related to structure and green design and develop new relationships between nature and the built environment. Participants will learn how to use a free online web version of Sketchup to design a garden pavilion.  

1:10PM - Daniels Architecture & Film Bootcamp 
Moving images are built just like buildings – they are constructed moments often referred to as typologies. Participants will be shown how to use a smartphone and a free online platform to create a GIF of a specific typology within their own space. Find new ways of documenting the world around you that you can share with others! 

2:00PM – End 

Special thanks to our Daniels Faculty activity organizers and instructors: Sadat Anwar, Bria Cole, Paolo De Guzman, Nicholas Hoban, Phat Le, Jamie Lipson, Hamed Nadi, Jay Pooley, Sadi Wali, and Jason Zhang.

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