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Ways to Engage

The wealth of knowledge and expertise of our community of alumni is a valuable asset to students and the continued development of the school. We welcome all alumni to stay involved with the Faculty through attendance at our public lectures, symposiums, and exhibition openings, as well as informal visits to the school during thesis reviews.


Current students are very much interested in connecting with alumni to learn about their experiences. Graduates of our Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies are especially interested in discussing the application process to the Master programs at the Daniels Faculty, with recent graduates. Feedback on the development of their portfolios is a common request. If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact John Cowling at to inquire further about this opportunity.

FORA and Public Lectures

The comprehensive Daniels public programs include an array of lectures that discuss various topics in the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism. Design professionals and academics from around the world are invited to share their experiences and work and to explore emerging thinking and approaches in architectural research and practice. The full details of the year’s public programming can be accessed on our Events Page.

Studio and Thesis Reviews

Studio and thesis reviews occur in the fall and winter of each school year. It is an exciting time at the Faculty where students, invited critics and academics, as well as the community engage in the discussion and exploration of new ideas within the disciplines. The schedule for the year’s reviews will be posted on our Events Page.

Anniversary Reunions

Each year, Spring Reunion is a great time for you to reconnect with your peers to share common interests and achievements. Please contact John Cowling at to inquire further about these opportunities.


If you have any questions about alumni engagement or if you would like to initiate a new program, please contact:

John Cowling 
Development Coordinator
Tel: 416-978-4340