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Conference IP Phone

The Conference IP Phone supports conventional audio phone conferences as well computer connected applications (i.e. Skype, WebEx, ooVoo, etc). It has 20-foot (7-meter) microphone pickup range for optimal performance and clarity.

How to use the Conference IP Phone:

For phone operation type the number you wish to call and press Answer/Call key.

To end a call press End Call key.

The Conference phone has a 2.5mm audio connector to connect to computer calling applications. You connect to computer calling applications to use the conference phone speaker to stream two-way audio for hands-free conversations. When you connect computer audio to the conference phone, all participants in a call or conference call (including those connected through a computer calling application) can hear and speak to each other.

  • The 2.5mm audio connector is located on the right-side of your conference phone, behind a door you flip open.

The following figure shows the 2.5mm audio connector on the side of the conference phone. The 2.5mm audio connector has a mobile phone icon above it.

If you connect your computer calling application to your conference phone when your conference phone is idle, the computer automatically becomes the active call, and you immediately hear any audio associated with the computer calling application. This permits you to use the conference phone as high quality audio source for the computer application instead of the computer's integrated mics.

The following figure shows the conference phone screen if the conference phone is idle and you connected your computer calling application. You can place the computer on hold (and then initiate a new call or conference call), or accept a call from another phone while you listen to the computer.

To remove the computer source, disconnect the Computer Calling Cable from the conference phone. The phone will go into normal phone mode.

If you want to keep the connection for future computer calls, end the call from your computer, but do not remove the Computer Calling Cable. The conference phone screen will still display “From:PC-Mobile audio” and the computer will continue to be the active call.

You can set up conference calls with a computer using the Cnfrnc or Join soft key.

If you have an active computer source, place the call on hold, and then use the Cnfrnc soft key to set up a conference.

If you have an active computer source and another call on hold, scroll to the call on hold, and then press the Join soft key.

If you have an active conference call, and you connect computer, scroll to the incoming computer or mobile audio, and then press the Join soft key.