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11.09.12 – Domus publishes Matthew Allen's analysis of Mississauga's Absolute Towers

Assistant Professor Matthew Allen's take on the curvy twin towers in Mississauga has been published in Domus both online and in print. Professor Allen examines the anthropomorphic qualities of the buildings designed by Chinese architecture practice MAD.

"Encountered on the street, the Absolute Towers are enigmatic and shifting, even voluptuous," Allen writes. "They appear carefully controlled, but their underlying geometry is far from obvious. Driving or walking by causes the towers' profiles to change continuously, and it would require significant mental acrobatics to map the relationship between profiles and construct a complete mental model of the building."

Allen argues that through a series of astute formal moves, and by evoking empathy, MAD has achieved a rare breakthrough in the edge city of Mississauga.

To read the full article, click here.