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08.26.13 – Steven Fong brings "Rat Pack modernism" to Toronto's new Beverley Hotel

The interior design of Toronto's new boutique-style Beverley Hotel, by Associate Professor Steven Fong, was profiled in The Globe and Mail. The design scheme represents a revival of what Fong calls "Rat Pack modernism."

Writes columnist John Bentley Mays:

His design for the hotel does not shout about itself, and it’s not a slavish recreation of a period manner. gently (and with a dash of humour) recalls a passage of North American creative history during which influential artists and artisans and intellectuals, for better or worse, became bewitched by speed, glamour, the mass media and the impulses of mass culture. It was a time, Mr. Fong believes, when culture was “eclectic, ad hoc, casual,” and committed to a “message that was egalitarian.”

To read the full article, visit The Globe and Mail.