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10.21.13 – Visual Studies Professor Ed Pien featured in an exhibition On The Subject of Ghosts at the Hamilton Artists Centre

The work of Visual Studies Assistant Professor Ed Pien is being exhibited along with Cindy Mochizuki in a curated show titled On the Subject of Ghosts running October 10 to November 7 at the Hamilton Artists Inc. artist run centre.

From the centre's website: 

The new media installations of Cindy Mochizuki and Ed Pien reference the emotive trace of past inhabitants in relation to social and material geographies which haunt our collective ideological present. "What constitutes the ghosts in these works, and who constructs this presence of ‘another’ other? How do we define ourselves in relation to the ghost?" Ed Pien suggests that a ghostly presence forces us into a fearful confrontation with ourselves. The human tendency to destroy what it does not understand becomes useless when confronted with ghosts. As a result, we must engage in new possibilities of communication with both ourselves and the unknown. Pien’s installation Revel is at once a poetic and meaningful response to the experience of working with immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in the UK as they explored past experiences and future aspirations related to concepts of home.

Ed Pien has exhibited work at the Draing Centre; the V&A, London; The Goethe Institute, Berlin; AGO, Toronto; Musée des Beaux Rrts and Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal; Songzhuang Art Centre, Beijing; and the National Art Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. He recently participated in the Sydney Biennale and "Oh Canada," at MASS MoCA. This fall Pien will be presenting a new installation at the Moscow Biennale. He currently teaches part-time at the University of Toronto in Visual Studies.

For more information, visit Hamilton Artists Inc.