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10.05.15 – View the competition entries and have your say in the redesign of U of T's St. George Campus

The University of Toronto has embarked on design project to fundamentally redesign the core of the St. George campus, one of the most iconic spaces in Toronto.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the St. George Campus is a historic academic and public environment that is enjoyed by thousands of students, faculty, visitors and residents each day.

The project is focused on four distinct and interrelated open spaces: Front Campus (including King’s College Circle), Hart House Circle, the Sir Daniel Wilson Quadrangle, and the Back Campus (including Tower Road).

The project includes an eight-week Innovative Design and Ideas Competition — entitled “A Landscape of Landmark Quality” — for the revitalization of these spaces. Four entries have been received by the University and can now be viewed online.

View the Competition Entries
Take the Online Survey

Public input will be summarized and taken into consideration by the Evaluation Committee. All feedback provided is confidential.
“I cannot tell you how important this is to the Daniels faculty as design leaders in our field and disciplines,” says Daniels Faculty Associate Professor Robert Wright. “Please visit the site, share this with friends, colleagues, and your design networks, and encourage people to review the projects and make comments. Let’s make sure our voices are heard.”
The survey is scheduled to close on October 21 at 5:00 PM.  

The four design teams shortlisted include:

KPMB Architects + Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates + Urban Strategies

in collaboration with:

  •     ERA Architects
  •     BA Group
  •     Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
  •     Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
  •     Crossey Engineering Ltd.
  •     Mulvey & Banani International Inc.
  •     Tillotson Design Associates
  •     Two Twelve
  •     Turner & Townsend
  •     SPH Planning & Consulting Ltd.

DTAH + Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

in collaboration with:

  •     Taylor Hazell Architects
  •     MMM Group
  •     Mulvey & Banani International
  •     LURA
  •     Applied Wayfinding
  •     A.W. Hooker
  •     Aubrum
  •     SPH
  •     Pine and Swallow Enviro
  •     Cynthia-Reeves


in collaboration with:

  •     Greenberg Consultants Inc.
  •     Mobycon
  •     Tillett Lighting Design
  •     ERA Architects
  •     WSP Canada Inc.
  •     Gensler Architects
  •     SWERHUN
  •     Bruce Mau Design
  •     DPM
  •     Marshall & Murray Inc.

Janet Rosenberg & Studio + architectsAlliance + ERA Architects

in collaboration with:

  •     Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects
  •     Urban Forest Innovations Inc.
  •     Jeffrey L. Bruce
  •     BA Consulting Group
  •     EXP
  •     Éclairage Public
  •     ENTRO
  •     Turner Townsend [cm2r]
  •     Aquafor Beech

For more information, visit U of T's Landscape of Landmark Quality website.