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03.09.16 – Places Journal launches Places Books with first volume titled Where Are the Women Architects? by Despina Stratigakos

Places Journal, an Academic Partner of the Daniels Faculty, recently published the first volume of the Places Books series, titled Where Are the Women Architects? by Despina Stratigakos. This short paperback grew out of two articles written for Places: “Unforgetting Women Architects” and “What I Learned from Architect Barbie.”

From Princeton University Press:

For a century and a half, women have been proving their passion and talent for building and, in recent decades, their enrollment in architecture schools has soared. Yet the number of women working as architects remains stubbornly low, and the higher one looks in the profession, the scarcer women become. Law and medicine, two equally demanding and traditionally male professions, have been much more successful in retaining and integrating women. So why do women still struggle to keep a toehold in architecture? Where Are the Women Architects? tells the story of women's stagnating numbers in a profession that remains a male citadel, and explores how a new generation of activists is fighting back, grabbing headlines, and building coalitions that promise to bring about change.

Despina Stratigakos, the author of Where Are the Women Architects?, is an architectural historian and the interim chair of the architecture department at the University of Buffalo. She has previously published five articles on Places Journal, and has published extensively on the history of women in architecture.

Places Journal is “a leading journal of contemporary architecture, landscape, and urbanism” that publishes “essays, criticism, photography, and narrative journalism, as well as peer-reviewed scholarship that deserves a wide audience.” Places Books is a recent project undertaken by Places Journal in collaboration with Princeton University Press. The series offers readers accessible paperbacks and e-books of writing that developed from Places articles.