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07.05.16 – Alumnus Salim Bamakhrama opens café specializing in Arabic Coffee in Toronto

Alumnus Salim Bamakhrama (MArch 2010) has opened Hailed Coffee in Toronto, an Arabic café with a speciality called the Hailed shot.

From the Hailed Coffee website:

Hail in Arabic is cardamom, an essential condiment added to Arabic Coffee. This aromatic and precious ingredient is gently cracked and added at the right time to the simmering coffee. Hail adds a delectable smoothness and aroma to the coffee. Leave it in too long and it turns bitter. Keep it in for just enough and you have the perfect dallah, a.k.a pot. Hail is then carefully filtered out after it has released its natural flavors.”

The café was recently featured in online blogs Goodhood and BlogTO. The environment of Hailed Coffee was given special mention by BlogTO.

“Owner Salim Bamakhrama, an architect by trade with a Masters from UCLA and UofT, pulls inspiration from Scandinavia, with freshly painted white walls, mid-century furniture and trendy maple countertops,” writes Sarah Brown. “Intentionally sticking out like a sky-scraping condo in an old borough, Hailed is self-consciously flashy in a way that boisterously catches attention.”

Located along the border of East Chinatown and Leslieville, Hailed Coffee complements its unique beverages with traditional Arabic dates and fresh croissants from Delysees.