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10.07.16 – John Massey conveys turbulence in upcoming solo exhibition titled Black on White at Diaz Contemporary

A suite of ten large-scale digital prints by Assistant Professor John Massey will be on display in the upcoming solo exhibition titled Black on White at Diaz Contemporary.

Black on White combines physical collage and digital graphic processing, each work conveying a dense, layered turbulence,” writes Diaz in the exhibition description. “Base layer images are glimpsed through a buildup of black figures—letterforms, punctuation marks—meticulously applied to rhetorically animate the latent energy of a personal, ontological index of signs, gestures, and declared imperatives.”

The exhibition runs from October 14 to November 12, and will launch with an opening reception on October 14 from 6PM to 8PM. Diaz Contemporary is located at 100 Niagara Street, Toronto.

Since 1979, Massey has exhibited nationally and internationally while working in installation, video, photography, and sculpture. He has developed a collage language that embodies an emotional content while rigorously asking rhetorical and structural questions of his selected media.

Black on White expands on earlier works that were exhibited at the prestigious Montreal Biennale in 2014. La Biennale de Montréal described Massey’s artwork as presenting “an explosion of words: letters, numbers, punctuation marks bursting forward from a blank background.”