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02.02.17 – Daniels Faculty alumnus brings lessons from London to Toronto transit

Transit consultant Michael Schabas (BArch 1979) has played an important role in making the London transportation system what it is today. He has shared his insights from the United Kingdom in a new book, The Railway Metropolis: How planners, politicians, and developers shaped Modern London, and spoke with U of T News about what Toronto can learn from London’s successes and missteps.

"Toronto needs to learn that transport is a business as well as a social service," says Schabas. "You need to offer a better service quality – faster and more frequent trains, all day and on weekends. There's a line I use as a title of one of my chapters, which is credited to the mayor of Bogotá: the successful city isn't a place where the poor people have cars, but it's a city where the rich people use public transit."

Read Romi Levine's Q&A with Schabas via U of T News.