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05.09.17 – Alumni and Students design "The Last House on Mulholland Drive"

Current MArch student Kinan Hewitt and recent graduates Rupali Morzaria (BArch 2016) and Gabriel Valdivieso (MArch 2016) are among the winners of the HOLLYWOOD Design Competition hosted by Arch Out Loud. "Capitalizing on theiconic prominence of its site beneatht the famed Hollywood sign," the competition asked "participants to design a house of the future that demonstrates the use of innovative technology and integrative environmental strategies."

The Last of the First by Rupali Morzaria and Gabriel Valdivieso

Morzaria and Valdivieso collaborated to create “The Last of the First,” which won Director’s Choice. The project “integrates an interior kinetic volume—a rotating platform, that contains the circulation and specialized functions (kitchen, study, bedroom, washroom) of the unit,” writes Morzaria and Valdivieso in their project description. “Our design liberates its user from the constraints of static architecture, eliminating sequential circulation, fixed program, and a definite perception of space.”

LANDhouse by Kinan Hewitt and Dorothy Jones

Hewitt and competition partner Dorothy Jones received Honorable mention for “LANDhouse,” a proposal that resurrects the original “Hollywoodland” sign.

From the project description:

“Every house has a story, this is the story of the LAND house. Grounded in the history and culture of the site, this is not the last house on Mulholland, but perhaps the first. I can remember when the sign read HOLLYWOODLAND, announcing the arrival of the neighborhood, and the exile of the last four letters. I took it upon myself to resurrect these letters, and allow them to accomplish their fundamental purpose. The letters once again glow among the flashing of signal towers and warmth of homes. I find solace, retreating into LAND, and excitement in wandering its eminence.”


Photo, top: The Last of the First by Rupali Morzaria and Gabriel Valdivieso