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10.02.17 – Daniels students share memories of growing up in Toronto in I’M SO MAD 2

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies student Marienka Bishop-Kovac and Masters of Architecture student Phat Le recently published the 2nd issue of their zine titled I’M SO MAD that documents stories about living and growing up in Toronto. The first edition featured stories written by Bishop-Kovac and Le. This recent edition expanded to the larger architectural community to showcase stories from citizens concerned with gentrification in Toronto.

“Toronto, my friends have written about you and the fond memories they have shared with you,” writes Bishop-Kovac in I’M SO MAD. “We want a Toronto that is accessible, we want Toronto to live up to another one of its nicknames, Toronto the Good!”

I’M SO MAD 2 is an archive of stories from Daniels Faculty students and alumni Ahlam Mo, Alexandra Spalding, Elif Özçelik, Ji Song Sun, Josie Northern Harrison, Waiyee ChouMarienka Bishop-Kovac, and Phat Le, and members of Toronto's architectural community Philip Ocampo, Khadijah Salawutang, Mubashir Baweja, and Victoria Willis. Landmarks mentioned include 1840-50 Victoria Park Ave, Rexdale Mall, Coffee Time, the bus stop at Pharmacy Ave/St. Clair, and many more.

'We are putting our memories into words to start a dialogue about gentrification,' Bishop-Kovac told U of T News earlier this year.

I’M SO MAD 2 can be viewed online through Issuu.