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10.03.17 – Alumni help students ease transition from school to work at Student-Professionals Networking Event

Last month, Master of Architecture students participated in the Daniels Faculty’s Student-Professionals Networking Event, organized with the help of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and GALDSU — the Daniels Faculty's graduate student union.

The event provides students an opportunity to meet with top architecture professionals, ask questions about their practice, and gain knowledge of their prospective career paths. Modeled after “speed networking,” students alternated — moving from table to table — to meet and pose questions to professionals about their practice, as well as to gain knowledge into their prospective career paths.

Professor Shane Williamson — Director, Master of Architecture — and Kathleen Kurtin — Senior Vice President and Treasurer of the OAA — welcomed the students and professionals with opening remarks before they started the “speed networking” sessions in rooms 230 and 330 at One Spadina. Students spoke with professionals who shared their advice on transitioning from school into professional practice.

“It’s good to be able to talk face-to-face,” said student Nancy Zhang about a similar event hosted earlier this year. “It helps to establish a connection and to learn more about the profession."

Masters of Landscape Architecture students can look forward to another Student-Professionals Networking Event to happen January 2018.