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10.20.17 – Dayne Roy-Caldwell’s thesis on post-mining communities featured in The Site Magazine

The Site Magazine featured Dayne Roy-Caldwell’s Master of Landscape Architecture thesis After Gold in its recent issue. A recent graduate, Roy-Caldwell (MLA 2016) examined the remains of the mining industry in the northern Ontario town of Kirkland Lake. His project explored the role that the gold-mining industry has played in shaping the region’s landscape vernacular and history, and how the remnants of this industry could form the basis of a new network that addresses social, ecological, and economic challenges faced by post-mining communities.

The theme of this issue of The Site Magazine is "Future Legacies." Leading up to the issue, the magazine also hosted a design competition, of which several alumni were recognized. Winners include Evan Wakelin, MArch 2017 (winner); Shelley Long, MLA 2015 (winner); Emma Mendal, MLA 2016 (Honorable Mention); Rob McIntosh, MLA 2015 (Runner Up); and Fionn Byrne, MLA 2010 (Runner Up).

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Images: “AFTER GOLD: Designing for Post-Mining Realities” by Dayne Roy-Caldwell (MLA 2016)