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05.31.18 – #DanielsGrad18: Tishya Shrivastava

What was the most enjoyable or memorable part of your Master of Urban Design degree?
The one thing that I would always look forward to in our lectures were presentations from guest speakers who were invited in almost every course I took. More often than not, these presentations would focus on particular topics or geographies and completely make me rethink how we view and design urban relationships. I will certainly miss the supportive and extremely knowledgeable professors who have put me on a path to constantly widen my horizon.

What inspired your #thesis?
My thesis topic, Co-Creating the Urban Future, was inspired by an article that I came across while researching on my initial thesis topic of redeveloping the Mumbai Eastern Waterfront. The article discussed the plight of ~14,000 informal inhabitants staying on the waterfront without access to basic amenities and soon to be relocated (read: homeless). In the midst of my vacillation, I realized that informality is a global issue which has failed to garner as much attention as some of other #design challenges. The site in #India provided me the opportunity to delve deeper into the issue and possibly, propose a template which could be modified to local cultures and needs and used in other similar scenarios. I believe the final thesis is reflective of my learning at Daniels as it extensively explores the relationship of urban design to people, culture, and society.

What advice would you give to a new student?
I would recommend that they come with an open mind and actively engage and interact with and their peers and professors. This will provide an immense opportunity to appreciate and learn from different perspectives, thereby widening one’s own horizon. Daniels provides unique opportunities for learning that extends beyond regular classroom teaching.

What are your plans after graduation?
I am looking forward to working as an urban designer in Toronto and contributing to the growth of this beautiful city and Canada as a whole.


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