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06.05.18 – #DanielsGrad18: Yuxing Wen

What was the most memorable part of your Master of Architecture degree?
My education at Daniels taught me how to design through research. It strengthened my capacity in analysis and design. I learned how to build architecture in my bachelor degree, but  Daniels taught me why to build it.

What inspired your thesis?
After a class trip to Utah, where we saw great land art, I wanted to further explore the relationship between humans and landscape.

Tell us more about your project!
At the Francon quarry in Montreal, plowed snow is stored during the winter, contaminating the soil and groundwater in surrounding marginalized communiites. I proposed desrupting this cycle of resource extraction and disposal with a remediation project that transforms snow from waste into a cold energy source. Through heat exchange and desalination, contamination is reduced while the proposed structure creates a recreational space for the neighborhood and rconnects them to the site. Transformed, the urban void created by the quarry helps rehabilitate the city.

What are your plans after graduation?
I have a strong desire to excel in the profession, and am seeking to align myself with a company positioned for strong growth!


Convocation for #UofTDaniels students is on June 14. This month we are featuring our graduates, including their work, their memories, and their advice for new students. Follow #DanielsGrad18 for more!