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06.13.18 – Toronto Life real estate summit: Dean Sommer encourages the city to "develop a bigger, bolder vision for Toronto's growth"

On May 30, Toronto Life, together with Bosley Real Estate and Mizrahi Developments, hosted the "Toronto Tomorrow real estate summit." Dean Richard Sommer was one of five featured speakers to address the question of how Toronto's built environment may evolve to accommodate a growing population in the coming years.

Sommer was joined by four panelists: Sam Mizrahi, president and founder of Mizrahi Developments; Realtor David Fleming; Alexandra Dagg, Airbnb’s public policy manager for Canada; and Architect Guela Solow-Ruda, principal of the firm ARK.

Following the event, Toronto Life published "Five things we learned at the Toronto Tomorrow real estate summit:"

Richard M. Sommer, dean of the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at U of T, closed out the evening with an appeal to city planners: develop a bigger, bolder vision for Toronto’s growth than the case-by-case development deals that currently determine what gets built. “Incrementalism in the absence of vision replicates the status quo and breeds mediocrity,” Sommer said. “A great and growing metropolis like Toronto … must see itself as more than just an amalgamation of districts, neighbourhoods and developments.”

Visit Toronto Life's website to read the full article and view photos from the event.