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06.25.18 – #DanielsGrad18: Jordan Wong

What was the most enjoyable or memorable part of your degree?
My final thesis project and the experience of collaborating with professors and industry leaders. 

What inspired your thesis topic?
My thesis topic was inspired by my own personal experiences exploring local healthcare settings.

Tell us more about your thesis!
My thesis explored the use of the atrium as an architectural design device to generate a possible therapeutic response within a healthcare setting. I proposed atrium designs that provide: way-finding hierarchy logic, circulation clarity, natural light, and open space for prospect/refuge. The atriums also appeal to both healthcare staff and patient needs. These atriums work in conjunction with courtyards and green spaces to provide occupants with the opportunity for new discoveries. I chose the site of Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital as an exploratory playground from which to create different atrium designs in response to unique needs within a newly proposed and existing historical fabric of the hospital.

What advice would you give to a new student?
Have clear logic for your thesis and maintain it throughout every aspect of the design.

What are your plans after graduation?
I am continuing to design healthcare architecture that would focus on bettering patient experiences.


Convocation for #UofTDaniels students was on June 14. This month we are featuring our graduates, including their work, their memories, and their advice for new students. Follow #DanielsGrad18 for more!