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09.07.18 – Meet Jay Pooley: Toronto-based architect, art director, and journeyman carpenter

Looking for inspiration? Watch this video featuring U of T Lecturer Jay Pooley who led a team of undergraduate students in a design/build project this summer to create a meditation space for Lululemon.

Pooley is a architect, art director and journeyman carpenter as well as a production designer for film and television.

"My work as a production designer is to set the stage for people to tell the stories of our lives," says Pooley. "Largely I'm responsible for most things in a film that is not a person."

Along with design for film and television, Pooley has also completed a number of design/build projects for clients including The Drake Hotel, Town Barber, Willowbank School and Worship Motion & Design Studio. Current research projects include design/build studio projects and documentary film studies centered around innovative formats for capturing the experience of a building.

Says Jay: "It's absolutely empowering for a student to tell them: that thing you're drawing? You can build that. You can absolutely build that. Go make it!