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11.14.18 – Model by Adrian Phiffer and Master of Architecture students participate in group exhibition in Italy

A model by the Office of Adrian Phiffer — the firm of Daniels Faculty Lecturer Adrian Phiffer — will be featured in the group exhibition, MIRABILIA, December 1-15. Master of Architecture students Angela Cho, Matthew Leander Kalil, and Avi Odenheimer were also part of the project team.

Exhibition curators challenged architects and artists to create a model that represents one of the invisible cities from Italo Calvino’s book of the same name. The exhibition showcased one model for every city narrated in Calvino’s text, each at 20x20 cm.

As described in the exhibition brief, “The aim of the project is the creation of a space in which to discuss, undermine and investigate the idea of landscape. Artists, architects and photographers will participate with multiple interpretations on the subject.”

Phiffer and his team worked on the model for the city of Melania from the chapter titled “the City and the Dead.” Their model explores the relationship between and the unification of an immortal city and its mortal citizens.

Visit the Office of Adrian Phiffer’s website to learn more.