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12.13.18 – Daniels Faculty Team Takes Second Place at Marvin Architects Student Challenge

A group of four talented students from Daniels Faculty recently nabbed the silver spot at the Marvin Architects Student Challenge, placing alongside other top architectural schools from across Canada.

Marvin Windows and Doors invited senior architecture students from across Canada to submit their best and most creative designs featuring Marvin products. Daniels Faculty students Feng Le, Vitusan Vimal, Jonathan Graham, and Raymond Kuang competed along with participants from schools such as University of Manitoba and Laval, and were awarded second place for their submission. In their announcement, the judges described their design as:

A geometric delight. The layout is thoughtfully designed to promote well-being and access to natural spaces through the creative use of interior courtyards. Dubbed “a true sensory experience”, this project shows how you can go “outside” without leaving the perimeter of your home.

“We entered the competition after attending a workshop which consisted of architects around the world,” explains Feng Le. “The passion in the room was inspiring. We started looking into possible competitions to start learning and found Marvin Windows. The design brief appealed to our individual expertise, and we knew that this was a competition that we would thoroughly enjoy.”

“This win means a lot to us as individual designers, and as a team,” he continues. “This achievement confirms our dreams to be reality. With this win, we are hoping that our individual skills, and determination to succeed become clear to the architecture world, as we continue exploring our young careers.”