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02.13.19 – PHOTOS: Urban IQ Test Symposium

On January 18 and 19, the Daniels Faculty, with support from U of T's School of Cities, convened a group of scholars, academics, and professionals for a  symposium that explored the politics of the smart city movement.

The two-day event allowed for a deep dive into some of the contemporary rhetorics, histories, and politics of the smart city phenomenon. The presentations included lively and thought-provoking discussions on what we actually mean when we talk about “smart cities,” the tensions that this concept or approach to city building creates, and the implications of “intelligent technologies” for architecture and urban design.

Above are some photos from the symposium. For those who weren't able to attend, the video feed of the lectures and presentations are available on our YouTube page.

Click here for the January 18 keynote lecture, featuring Michael Sorkin, Orit Halper, and Jesse Shapins

Click here to view the presentations and discussions that took place January 19

Click here to view more photos of this event

All photos by Yvonne Bambrick.

Speakers at the Urban IQ test symposium included:

Orit Halpern, Concordia University
Jesse LeCavalier, Daniels
Jesse Shapins, Sidewalk Labs
Michael Sorkin, Michael Sorkin Studio, City College, NYC
Richard Sommer, Daniels
Marshall Brown, Princeton, Director CAUI
David Benjamin, Columbia, The Living
Helen Ng, Global Cities Institute
Michael Piper, Daniels
Sarah Williams, MIT, Director, Civic Data Design Lab
Sara Stevens, UBC
David Smiley, Columbia
Shannon Mattern, The New School
Anthony Acciavatti, Yale & Columbia
Gökçe Günel, University of Arizona

Click here for the full Urban IQ Test schedule.