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04.16.19 – Vis-à-Vis exhibition showcases final thesis projects by undergraduate visual studies students

Congratulations to our undergraduate Visual Studies students for successfully completing their thesis reviews on Friday, April 8th.
After the reviews, the students held a public exhibition of their work at the Daniels Faculty building. Entitled Vis-à-Vis, the exhibition explored critical approaches to topics, such as cultural narrative, identity, discipline, belonging, the urban city, capitalism, and social media.
Students exhibited work from a variey of mediums, namely performance installations, ink drwaings, videos, collages, books, sculptures, digital prints, and paintings.
The exhibition was made possible with the help of professors Joanne Tod and Kim Tomczak.
Tala Alatassi
Nicholas Benyamen
Dante Camarda
Baichao Chen
Jeff Hill
Dharsana Indrakumar
Alex Lui
Liam McGivney
Emily Shi
Kelcy Timmons
Nasya Wong
Yue Yin
Gwendolyn Zhang
If you are intrested in supporting our student artists by purchasing their work, please email: