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04.23.19 – WATCH: 6Place Toronto discusses the history and future of employment lands in South Etobicoke

6Place Toronto, supported by U of T’s School of Cities and the Daniels Faculty, is a McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology research/working group project investigating significant urban spaces in Toronto where Media and Infrastructure intersect with Architecture and Public Space.
On March 29th and 30th, the group hosted "A Walk Amongst the Workplaces," featuring a panel discussion with Associate Professor Jesse LeCavalier and writer Shawn Micallef on life and change in employment areas. This was followed by a walk the next day through an employment area in South Etobicoke. Both the walk and the talk were moderated by Mark Sterling, director of the Daniels Faculty's Master of Urban Design program.
Walk leaders and participants discussed South Etobicoke's evolution from an agricultural landscape to an urban business zone. The discussion engaged faculty and students from a range of disciplines, including architecture, urbanism, information, and art history.
Clement Goh, a reporter from Humber College covered the two-day event on,
a breaking news website that features the works of Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning Bachelor of journalism students. He filed his report in two parts: part one (above) covered the conversation at the Daniels Faculty, part two (below) covered the walk.