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08.07.19 – Student films to be featured in City Moments: An Evening Celebrating Art and Urban Life - August 15

City Moments, taking place August 15 from 7:00pm to 2:00am, "is a late-summer art party that celebrates film, video, and projection work by internationally acclaimed visual artists living and working in Toronto."

Curated by Canadian filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist Peter Lynch, featured artists include Eldon Garnet, Iris Haussler, Luis Jacob, Mark Lewis, Kelly Mark, Jon Sasaki, Alex McLeod, Peter Lynch, and Giles Monette.

Short films by Daniels Faculty students will also be included in the mix.

The films were produced over the years as part of a Master of Architecture course taught by Associate Professor John Shnier. Both Shnier and Lynch selected the short student films to be screened at the event. Over the course of the evening a variety of multimedia projects will be showcased. Each explore the "fleeting experiences, theoretical architecture, immigrant histories, animal sentience, dystopian imaginaries, fictitious biographies, and everything in between — the facets and fantasies that comprise urban life."

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Featured films include:
Litter, by Ali Fard (also featured above)
Re-oriented,  by Peter Kitchen
Move / Still,  by Andres Bautista and  Matteo Maneiro
Other Side, by Edgar Leon and Nathan Bishop
City as Data Space, by Kinan Hewitt
Round Tower, by Mario Arone
Colouring Book, by Zheng Li
Half Life, by Ian Cheung
As Above So Below, by Tara Castator
Built in a Day, by David Verbeek
How About Just Fall, by Zack Glennon and Sonia Ramundi
Beach Body, by Silvia Gonzalez and Donna Bridgeman
Approaching Limbo, by Wai Ming Lo
Immaterial, by Liheng Li

City Moments
Thursday August 15
7:00pm - 2:00am
Sidewalk Labs, 307  Lakeshore Blvd. East