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09.20.19 – Carpenters Union visits One Spadina

Carpenters and Allied Workers Local 27 and Drywall, Acoustic Lathing and Insulation Local 675, along with the Carpenters District Council of Ontario, are generous supporters of the Daniels Faculty Capital Campaign for the renovation and expansion of the Daniels Building, at One Spadina Crescent. In recognition of that generosity, the Daniels Faculty named a classroom — room 215, in the heritage section of One Spadina — the Carpenters Union Classroom.

On September 19, a group of fourth-year students from the College of Carpenters and Allied Trades joined Tony Currie, the college's program director, and Mike Yorke, president of Carpenters Local 27, on a visit to the classroom, where they were welcomed by Bomani Khemet, assistant professor of building science, Daniels Faculty. (Pictured above, to the far right, next to Yorke.)

The group continued their visit by joining 165 third-year architecture undergrads at a presentation by Yorke on the history of wood construction, building materials technology, and mass timber — part of the Structures, Building Systems, and Environments class taught by assistant professor Khemet.

The gathering was a unique opportunity for carpentry students and architecture students, who may eventually be colleagues, to exchange ideas and share experiences in an academic setting.