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10.10.19 – GRIT Lab gets a mention in the New York Times

The Green Roof Innovation Testing Labaratory (or GRIT Lab), is where a team of landscape architects, scientists, and engineers, led by Daniels Faculty Associate Professor Liat Margolis, conducts world-leading research into techniques for turning rooftops into urban oases.

Earlier this week, the lab's work was recognized in the New York Times.

Reporter Kelly DiNardo writes:

Today, the University of Toronto’s Green Roof Innovation Testing Laboratory has grown into a leader in green roof research. The state-of-the-art facility uses 33 test beds, a weather station and more than 250 sensors gathering data on soil moisture, flow rates, temperature, rainfall, humidity and amounts of sun and wind to help researchers assess and improve green roof performance.

Research like this helped overcome some early hurdles when ambitious designs, plant choice, lack of irrigation or a combination of factors left plants dying and green roofs turning brown.

Read the full article here.

Photograph by Catherine Howell