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04.03.20 – LAMAS named one of Domus magazine's best architecture firms of 2020

LAMAS, an architecture studio co-founded by Daniels Faculty associate professor Wei-Han Vivian Lee and lecturer James Macgillivray, has built a stellar reputation on the strength of projects like its Townships Farmhouse and its recent revamp of Avling Kitchen and Brewery.

Now, Domus, an influential architecture and design magazine based in Italy, has named LAMAS one of the year's best architecture firms.

LAMAS was one of 50 practices named on Domus's 2020 best-firms list. The jury of international experts who vetted the contenders selected just one other Canadian firm for inclusion: Winnipeg's 5468796 Architecture.

Avling Kitchen and Brewery. Photograph by Felix Michaud.

Domus praised LAMAS for exemplifying "the trend among architects to distance themselves from the pure formal work that preceded them throughout the course of the past century in order to concentrate on issues that are now central in architectural design, namely materials and finishes."

(Anyone interested in learning more about LAMAS can check out Lee and Macgillivray's recent interview with The Architect's Newspaper.)