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Daniels Building Graphic Rendering

07.10.20 – Help the Daniels Art Directive design a giant mural for the Daniels Building's north facade

The north facade of the Daniels Building is seen by thousands of people — drivers, TTC riders, and pedestrians — every single day. What if it were decorated with a billboard-sized awareness-raising message, or call to action?

The Daniels Art Directive, a student-run art collective, is trying to do just that. The group has issued an open call for north-facade mural designs that respond to architectural or social issues of relevance to the Daniels Faculty. The Daniels community will vote on the design, and then, subject to approval by the dean, it will be installed on the north facade in late summer or early fall.

Students, staff, faculty, and alumni — individually or in teams — are invited to make design submissions by Monday, July 13, using this web form. Each individual or team can make as many as two submissions.

Each design proposal must include the following elements:

  • A 50-word statement
  • A 17''x17'' line drawing

The final mural will be made up of "pixels" — individual pieces of artwork that, when arranged in a precise way, will form a larger image. (Sort of like when people in a sports arena hold up coloured sheets of paper to spell out a giant word.) Design proposals must also include estimates of the quantity of pixels required, and suggestions for pixel sizes and themes.

Anyone interested in making a design proposal is welcome to join the Daniels Art Directive on Saturday, July 11 for a design workshop, where participants will be able to receive feedback on their designs or form design teams. The workshop will take place on Zoom. For login details, or for Rhino and Illustrator templates or other information, send an email to