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08.06.20 – Sign up to be a mentor or mentee in the Daniels Faculty's student mentorship program

Are you an incoming first-year Daniels Faculty student? Do you wish you had a mentor who could help you get acclimated to the school's fast-paced, creative studio culture?

Or, if you're an upper-year student, do you wish you could give back to the Faculty by mentoring someone less experienced?

Good news: the Daniels Faculty mentorship program is here to help.

This year, for the first time ever, the program will include both undergraduate students and MArch, MLA, and MUD graduate students. (Previous Daniels Faculty mentorship programs were exclusively for undergraduate students.)

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all fall mentorship activities will take place online, using videoconferencing platforms.

The details


The undergraduate mentorship program will begin with an online "speed dating" session in early September, in which upper-year mentors and first-year mentees will meet for short conversations. Afterward, mentors and mentees will be divided into small groups, with several mentees to each mentor. Throughout the rest of the fall semester, mentors and mentees will meet online for shared activities, like design challenges and game nights.


The graduate mentorship program will be a one-to-one program, in which incoming grad students are each paired with a single mentor. Mentors and mentees will then be free to meet and collaborate as their schedules allow.

How to sign up

If you would like to become a mentor or mentee, you need to sign up.


Anyone interested in becoming an undergraduate mentor or mentee should email the undergraduate mentorship coordinators for details, at Mentor/mentee applications are due by August 21.


The graduate mentorship program is no longer recruiting mentors, but anyone who wants to be a mentee is encouraged to apply by filling out a mentee application form and emailing it to Applications are due by August 12.