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08.12.20 – In Ground magazine, alumna Kamila Grigo argues in favour of a Copenhagen-style strategy for waterfront municipalities

Kamila Grigo (MLA 2017), a graduate of the Daniels Faculty, has written an article for the summer 2020 issue of Ground, the official magazine of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects. She argues that embracing Copenhagen's approach to blue infrastructure could help southern Ontario reimagine its relationship with its local waterways, many of which have been irreversibly altered to facilitate industry and human habitation. Adopting a Copenhagen-style strategy, she says, would both make Ontario's municipal waterfronts more pleasant and harden them against damage from climate change.

Kamila writes:

[Copenhagen's] precedents can be adapted to southern Ontario’s increasingly densifying waterfront municipalities as a means of developing a progressive urban relationship with water. A new surface hydrology can replace the existing, dysfunctional drainage system with one equal to the task of climate adaptation, all the while fostering an equitable, meaningful connection to an essential resource. It is possible to build cities that embrace the water.

An animation she created, in which she shows how these types of projects might be distributed in Toronto, is embedded above.

Read the full article in Ground magazine